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  • Investing in Veterans’ Health By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Veterans' Health Date: February 2017 Type: Multimedia, Video

    New York is home to the fourth-largest population of veterans in the United States. We know that half of veterans returning to New York from Iraq and Afghanistan prefer to receive care and services in their own communities, rather than at the VA. NYSHealth is committed to working with a broad set of partners to meet our common goal: ensuring that veterans have access to high-quality care and choices about where they get that care.

  • Health Navigator NY on WCNY Radio By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Empowering Health Care Consumers Date: January 2017 Type: Multimedia

    The health care system is incredibly complex to understand and navigate, and consumer-friendly information about prices, quality, and other aspects of care is lacking. To better arm consumers with information to help them make savvier decisions about their own health and health care, NYSHealth funded the Public Broadcasting Council of Central New York—known as WCNY—to develop and broadcast content through Health Navigator NY, a multiplatform project designed to help New Yorkers navigate the health care system and engage in the management of their own health care needs.

  • High-Quality Health Care Services for Resettled Refugees: A Sustainable Model By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Special Projects Fund Date: May 2016 Type: Multimedia, Video

    The United Nations reports that the number of refugees worldwide has reached nearly 60 million; not since World War II have there been so many refugees and displaced people. Fleeing war and persecution, approximately 3,000–5,000 refugees per year find a new life resettling in New York State, most in the upstate region. Although many refugees make significant contributions to their new communities, they do face some challenges, including accessing quality health care. On the health care provider side, caring for refugees can be financially unsustainable, resulting in clinics either unable to see new refugee patients or closing down completely. With support from the New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth), Rochester General Hospital developed and piloted a model of care that allows primary care providers to deliver health care services to refugees in a sustainable, cost-efficient manner.

  • Three New Yorkers Who Got Covered Under Obamacare By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Expanding Health Care Coverage Date: November 2014 Type: Multimedia, Video

    In the second year of open enrollment under the ACA, there is still a high need for direct assistance and face-to-face support to help individuals enroll in health insurance. To engage uninsured New Yorkers and help them enroll in coverage, NYSHealth is funding outreach and enrollment activities at community-based organizations that serve as trusted messengers to their communities. Watch firsthand video accounts from three newly-insured New Yorkers who received enrollment assistance through the NYSHealth-supported Enrollment Network.

  • Expanding Health Care Coverage Across New York State By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Expanding Health Care Coverage Date: February 2014 Type: Multimedia, Video

    2013 was a landmark year for expanding health care coverage, with the October 1 launch of the health insurance marketplaces established as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to enroll millions of uninsured Americans, including more than 1 million New Yorkers, into health care coverage options. NYSHealth has funded a range of outreach and enrollment efforts to help as many New Yorkers as possible gain health insurance coverage as the ACA is implemented. Ensuring that individuals and small businesses have the resources to understand their insurance coverage options and enroll is integral to the success of health reform.

  • Meeting the Mark in Diabetes Care Across New York State By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Diabetes Prevention and Management Date: February 2014 Type: Multimedia, Video

    At the close of 2013, NYSHealth surpassed its five-year goal of helping 3,000 primary care providers (25% of all New York State primary care physicians) attain diabetes recognition, which is an indicator that clinicians are delivering the best care and achieving good outcomes for patients. The initiative supported providers in achieving recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) or Bridges to Excellence (BTE) diabetes recognition programs.

  • Achieving Integrated Care for Mental Health and Substance Use By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Integrating Mental Health and Substance Use Services Date: January 2013 Type: Multimedia, Video

    Beginning in 2008, the Foundation made a strategic investment to increase the number of providers capable of screening, diagnosing, and treating both substance use and mental health disorders simultaneously. More than 60% of New Yorkers with a claim for a substance use disorder also have a psychiatric disorder, while more than 50% with schizophrenia also have a diagnosis of a substance use disorder.

  • Growing Community Health Centers By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Advancing Primary Care, Expanding Health Care Coverage Date: January 2013 Type: Multimedia, Video

    Community health centers are on the front lines of primary care, but many community health centers struggle with low margins, limited funding, and growing demand. After health reform is implemented fully, community health centers are expected to double capacity to serve 3 million New Yorkers.

  • NYSHealth’s Organizational Scorecard: Measuring Our Impact By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Other Date: January 2013 Type: Multimedia, Video

    NYSHealth’s organizational scorecard is series of indicators and targets to track its performance related to program impact, customer service, reputational capital, and organizational capital. The scorecard allows the Foundation to track its effectiveness and impact in its efforts to improve the health of all New Yorkers. Though scorecards have taken hold in philanthropy as a tool for assessing overall organizational performance, few foundations share them publicly. NYSHealth is pleased to make its scorecard publicly available.

  • The Special Projects Fund: Supporting Innovative Projects By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Special Projects Fund Date: January 2013 Type: Multimedia, Video

    NYSHealth’s Special Projects Fund (SPF) continues to support unique projects that are consistent with the Foundation’s mission to improve the health of all New Yorkers, especially the most vulnerable, but fall outside the Foundation’s priority areas. NYSHealth awards SPF funds to support a diverse set of initiatives across the State, including projects that help low-income and elderly consumers understand and navigate the health system; improve access to health care in service areas with acute shortages; support and strengthen safety net providers to reach more people; and address statewide health system issues that could improve the efficiency or effectiveness of the system.


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