New York State Health Foundation

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Resources & Reports

NYSHealth seeks to advance knowledge and learning about critical health issues and to inform health care policy and practice in New York State. Here we offer a collection of timely resources related to our two priority areas: building healthy communities and empowering health care consumers. We also offer resources related to returning veterans and their families; advancing primary care; expanding health care coverage; improving diabetes prevention and management; and integrating services for people with both mental health and substance use disorders.

This section also includes grant outcome reports, which NYSHealth compiles to be transparent in our grantmaking, communicate the results of our investments, and share the lessons both we and our grantees have learned. These reports also help us understand the aggregate of our outcomes in our various grantmaking areas, evaluate our work, and understand our overall impact on health.

Our financial and annual reports can be found here.

Note: items marked with the New York State image from our logo are NYSHealth-funded or -produced.