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Expanding Health Care Coverage

Expanding Health Care Coverage

Federal health reform established a framework for near-universal coverage over the next decade. Its provisions provide historic and substantial opportunities to make affordable health insurance coverage a reality for New Yorkers. Many New Yorkers were projected to become newly insured once reform provisions were fully phased in.

To make the most of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals and small businesses required information and assistance to understand and navigate the new landscape. To a large extent, the success of the ACA depended on effective engagement strategies for multiple, diverse audiences. To advance the implementation of health reform, NYSHealth supported a range of efforts to reach and educate consumers about their insurance options and how to enroll in and use their coverage

Measuring Our Impact

The program indicators below help us to track the Foundation’s and our grantees’ progress in our work to expand health care coverage. The social indicators help us to understand and track the context of our work, and help us keep the bigger picture in mind when we consider new grant proposals.

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Program Impact: Expanding Health Care Coverage
What we are doing How we measure progress Where we started Where we have been Where we are now What this

Expand insurance coverage through effective implementation of health reform.

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50% of stakeholders who are familiar with NYSHealth’s work on insurance coverage give us the highest ratings on creating impact on this issue in New York State by 2014.

2011: 40% of stakeholders

2012: 44% of stakeholders

2014: 49% of stakeholders

We were pleased in 2014 to receive stakeholder ratings of our impact on coverage so close to our target.

Note: We believe that, if we have a positive impact on Federal reform implementation efforts, the Foundation and our grantees ultimately will help make a difference in the number of New Yorkers who have health insurance. We know that the Foundation’s efforts alone cannot possibly move those numbers, but, working with other stakeholders, we can make a difference.  We care about achieving our program indicators not as an end, but as a means to broader social change.

Social Context: Expanding Health Care Coverage
How we Measure the Social Context for our Work Where New York Started Where New York Has Been Where New York Is Now

New York's national ranking of insurance coverage among the 50 states, where #1 is the best

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2007: 23


2013: 14

2014: 18

Number of insured New Yorkers (all ages)

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2007: 16.7 million

2013: 17.3 million

2014: 17.8 million