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Past Priority Areas

  • NYSHealth is committed to supporting a range of projects that improve health at a regional or statewide level, particularly for vulnerable New Yorkers. As the health needs and opportunities in New York change over time, our work also evolves to ensure we can have as much impact as possible. We often build upon our previous investments and use them to inform our current priority areas and grantmaking strategies. You can learn more about our earlier work to improve the health of New Yorkers from across the State.  

  • Advancing Primary Care

    Advancing Primary Care

    Given the growing demand for primary care, the need to control health care costs, and the opportunities to develop new models of care as New York implemented health reform, the Foundation has supported efforts to advance primary care.

  • Expanding Health Care Coverage

    Expanding Health Care Coverage

    Many New Yorkers were projected to become newly insured once federal health reform provisions were fully phased in. To advance the implementation of health reform, NYSHealth supported a range of efforts to reach and educate consumers about their insurance options and how to enroll in and use their coverage.

  • Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management

    Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management

    To reverse the diabetes epidemic in New York State, the Foundation supported efforts to improve the way primary care providers manage the care of people with diabetes and the spread of effective community-based prevention programs that reach people where they live, work, and worship.

  • Integrating Mental Health and Substance Use Services

    Integrating Mental Health and Substance Use Services

    NYSHealth committed $10 million over five years to improve the integration of care for people who cope with mental health and substance use conditions at the same time. This work culminated at the end of 2012, but the Foundation continues to learn from this key investment.