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Tools and Guidelines for Planning Effective Project Evaluations: Introduction

NYSHealth is committed to supporting projects that have a measurable, meaningful impact on New York’s health care system and on the health of New Yorkers. Most successful grant proposals to the Foundation include plans for some type of evaluation to assess whether the project has achieved its stated goals, to quantify the impact of the project, or to capture some other aspect of the project’s activities and outcomes.

We recognize that many grant applicants could benefit from some information and tools about evaluation as they prepare their grant proposals. By thinking ahead about the various parts of a program evaluation, the Foundation believes applicants will be better able to effectively carry out and sustain their projects.

NYSHealth understands the real-world constraints that applicants face in preparing a program evaluation, such as limited time, resources, and experience. There is no one exact blueprint for a program evaluation; different applicants will have various ways of measuring the success and outcomes of their proposed project. These guidelines, developed by the Center for Health Care Strategies for NYSHealth grant applicants, offer practical and realistic strategies to consider in planning, designing, and implementing an evaluation plan that can improve the outcomes and impact of a project.

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