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Visiting Fellows

The New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth) Visiting Fellows program was established in 2010 to enable invited senior professionals to spend time at NYSHealth to conduct independent projects and advise Foundation staff on strategic priorities. Fellows can use the opportunity to write (including to co-author pieces with Foundation staff and/or grantees); to plan and lead convening activities; to do public speaking; and to inform and shape NYSHealth projects and programs.

Ideally, the background of the NYSHealth Fellow can inform the Foundation’s strategic priorities: expanding health care coverage, improving diabetes prevention, and advancing primary care. Visiting Fellows can have experience in multiple sectors, including government, academia, health care delivery, associations, and community-based organizations.

Invited fellows will generally spend a few days each week at NYSHealth for a period of three months to one year. NYSHealth provides work space and some limited administrative support to its Visiting Fellows.

Read about NYSHealth’s inaugural Visiting Fellow, Deborah Bachrach, J.D., formerly New York State’s Medicaid Director and Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Health Insurance Programs at the New York State Department of Health.