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General Grantmaking Effectiveness

To achieve wide-scale positive changes in our State’s health system, we need to support our grantees in achieving the outcomes we seek together. We also need to support work that will result in outcomes that can be sustained by an organization beyond the grant period. Finally, we work hard to support projects with a diverse range of organizations across the State that seek both local and statewide impact.

The indicators below help us to track our performance on general grantmaking effectiveness.

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Current Scorecard Indicators
What we are doing How we measure progress Where we
Where we
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are now
What this

Help grantees achieve the outcomes we mutually seek.

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60% of grants achieve expected outcomes

2009: 56%

2013: 84%

2014: 86%

We are exceeding our target for achieving expected grant outcomes.

Invest in new and innovative health care programs with sustainable financial prospects.

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40% of successful new service-delivery projects are sustained after the close of the grant.

2009: 48% of projects sustained

2013: 78% of projects sustained

2014: 85% of projects sustained

We are exceeding our target for investing in sustainable programs.

Support a range of organizations that reflect diversity in geography, size, scope, and populations served.

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Achieve targets on two out of three of our indicators of diversity in grantmaking.

2006: Did not meet target

2014: Met target

2015: Exceeded target

In 2015, we met or exceeded the targets on all three dimensions of diversity in our grantmaking.