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Communicating, Learning, and Replicating Effectively

Effective grantmaking is essential to the Foundation’s ability to have impact, but sustainable social change requires more than money:

  • We strive to communicate effectively with grantees and applicants, policymakers, advocates, other health leaders, and other funders. We serve as a neutral convener bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders to tackle thorny health care issues, and we strive to provide balanced, credible information to help inform health care policy and practice in New York State.

  • We are committed to learning from our grants and sharing our results with our grantees, other funders, and policymakers.

  • We aim to leverage our investments to spread effective models more widely. A specific grant may support the trial of a new idea at one organization, but we ultimately want to engage many organizations across the State to implement promising and proven approaches to improve health. Our goal is not to help one organization, but to improve health at a broader scale.

The indicators below help us to track our performance on communicating, learning, and replicating effectively.

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What this

Produce information that is useful to health care stakeholders in New York State.

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60% of grantees (G) and other stakeholders (SH) give NYSHealth the hightest ratings on the helpfulness of its website.

2009 G: 51%
2011 SH: 55%

2013 G: 60%
2012 SH: 53%

2015 G: 57%
2014 SH: 61%

We are close to meeting our target for grantees. We reached our target for producing a website that other stakeholders find helpful.

Articulate a clear set of Foundation goals and strategies.

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70% of grantees (G) and other stakeholders (SH) give NYSHealth the highest ratings on the clarity of its goals and strategies.

2007 G: 68%
2011 SH: 52%

2013 G: 74%
2012 SH: 52%

2015 G: 69%
2014 SH: 63%

Our stakeholders’ ratings of our efforts to communicate more clearly and consistently grew significantly in 2014. As the Foundation entered a period of strategic sharpening and a range of institutional changes in 2015, ratings on this measure among grantees dipped. Effetive communication with all our our audiences will be a key priority as we implement our new priority areas.