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Making Grants

One of the ways that NYSHealth achieves impact is by making grants. Because New York State’s health system is so vast and the public health issues facing New Yorkers are so complex, we have selected some areas of focus where we can use our limited resources in a very focused way to address the most pressing issues facing New Yorkers today. NYSHealth grantees reflect the geographic, economic, social, cultural, and ethnic diversity of the Empire State.

The Foundation awards grants in two categories: targeted grant initiatives focus on our current grantmaking priority areas (building healthy communities and empowering health care consumers). Grants awarded through our Special Projects Fund allow us to support projects that address an important health care or public health issue in the State, but that are outside of those targeted grant areas. 

We issue requests for proposals (RFPs) for both types of grants. RFPs provide detailed guidelines and instructions for grant applications and indicate submission deadlines. Proposals are submitted using NYSHealth’s online application system.

NYSHealth is committed to a fair and transparent proposal review process. Proposals are assessed by panels comprising reviewers from across the State who possess a diverse set of experience and expertise. As we strive to create social change, we also hold ourselves accountable by using a logical and focused approach to achieve specific goals and outcomes. Toward that end, we are committed to tracking and measuring our impact in our areas of programmatic focus.

Learn more about our grantees and about NYSHealth funding opportunities.