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Informing Policy

To achieve the impact we seek, NYSHealth is committed not only to making grants, but to informing the changes in policy and practice that will lead to a transformed health system and better health for all New Yorkers. As the only statewide foundation focused on health, and as an organization whose only interest is the public's interest, NYSHealth is uniquely positioned to develop and share nonpartisan information and research and serve as a neutral convener of health care leaders and stakeholders throughout New York State. We are committed to supporting timely, unbiased, credible analyses of the pressing health policy issues facing New York State and to developing practical solutions along with our partners and grantees.

One example of our efforts to inform policy is an initiative to expand affordable health care coverage for small business employees. A pilot to allow small businesses to buy in to the Family Health Plus Program had potential to make coverage more affordable, but its original design needed improvement. With support from NYSHealth, the Community Service Society (CSS) of New York analyzed the program and developed actionable recommendations to increase the program’s success for small businesses and their employees. With a solid analysis in hand, CSS and the Foundation undertook extensive communications and education efforts: we briefed State officials and legislators, convened a diverse set of stakeholders, and built support for the recommendations. In 2010, New York State enacted into statute many of CSS’s recommendations to improve the Employer Buy-In program. Collectively, the changes to the program lowered monthly premiums by approximately 25%. A clear goal, a talented grantee, an effective dissemination strategy, and good timing all led to a direct impact on New York State policy and improved health care coverage options for New Yorkers.

Visit our Resources & Reports to view policy analyses, white papers, and other resources that inform policy and practice in New York State.