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Improving Health in New York

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How We Do Our Work

The New York State Health Foundation seeks to improve New York State’s health care system and the health of all New Yorkers. To have a tangible, meaningful impact, we strive to be focused and purposeful in our work; to establish and adhere to clear goals and strategies; and to have systems in place to measure our progress. We are committed not only to making grants, but also to making a difference beyond our grant dollars: informing health care policy and practice, spreading effective programs that work to improve the health system, serving as a neutral convener of health leaders across the State, and providing technical assistance to our grantees and partners.

Our Mission

To improve the health of all New Yorkers, especially the most vulnerable.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Establish and adhere to clear, focused goals and strategies
  2. Be open and transparent about our activities, successes, and failures
  3. Engage health experts and community leaders to help us set priorities and choose grantees
  4. Be statewide in focus
  5. Be a learning organization interested in measuring outcomes, communicating results, and diffusing successful ideas for implementation throughout our State and beyond
  6. Invest in programs with sustainable and replicable prospects
  7. Leverage our resources to maximize the impact of our grant support
  8. Have processes that are user-friendly and responsive to the public
  9. Encourage our staff to perform at high levels and grow in abilities over time