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Spreading Effective Diabetes Prevention Programs

With more than 4 million New Yorkers at risk for developing diabetes, spreading promising prevention programs has been a cornerstone of the NYSHealth Diabetes Campaign. NYSHealth and the Alliance of New York State YMCAs have worked to replicate the national Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in 10 regions of the State. The DPP has been shown to reduce the risk of adults with prediabetes from developing the disease by more than 50%. An October 2012 NYSHealth conference explored additional opportunities to spread the DPP throughout the State. Also in 2012, NYSHealth released several papers that examine key facts about the DPP; the evidence to date for the DPP; and the progress and results of the program's implementation in New York State. In an NYSHealth video below, New Yorkers discuss the impact the DPP has had on their health and lives.

Another Campaign partner, the Institute for Leadership (IFL), has led the replication of Defy Diabetes, a six-week diabetes detection and prevention program in places of worship. As IFL begins to wrap up its Faith Fights Diabetes initiative, it has trained more than 250 community health workers to offer this program in 160 faith-based organizations across the State. The programs have served more than 2,400 people, almost two-thirds of whom are at risk of developing diabetes and reside in low-income neighborhoods.