New York State Health Foundation

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Unveiling New Website Design and Public Scorecard

In March 2012, NYSHealth launched a newly designed version of its website. The Foundation has grown and matured—both as a grantmaker and as a valued source of trusted, reliable information and resources—since its inception in 2006, and the new website design sought to reflect these changes. With its fresh look and improved functionality, the new website is designed to better highlight the work of NYSHealth grantees; make it easier for users to find NYSHealth publications, data, and other resources; and more clearly communicate the Foundation’s goals and strategies, as well as funding opportunities and how to apply for grants.

The new website design also allowed the Foundation to launch online its organizational scorecard, a series of indicators and targets to track its performance related to program impact, customer service, reputational capital, and organizational capital. The scorecard allows the Foundation to track its effectiveness and impact in its efforts to improve the health of all New Yorkers. Though scorecards have taken hold in philanthropy as a tool for assessing overall organizational performance, few foundations share them publicly. NYSHealth is pleased to make its scorecard publicly available.

Learn more about the organizational scorecard from NYSHealth Chief Program Learning Officer Kelly Hunt in the video below.