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Designing the Front End of Health Insurance Exchanges

As health reform moves ahead and states prepare to get health insurance exchanges up and running for 2014, a simple, user-friendly way for consumers to understand and navigate the exchanges will be key to helping millions enroll nationwide. To meet this challenge, NYSHealth partnered with eight of the nation's top health funders to collaboratively support Enroll UX 2014, a design for a state-of-the-art online tool to assist consumers with identifying eligibility, selecting a plan, and enrolling in health insurance. This project set out to design what the front end of health insurance exchanges would be (that is, what a typical consumer will use and experience when shopping for and buying coverage on the exchange).

NYSHealth’s participation in this project allowed it to leverage its funds alongside those of other leading funders, including the California HealthCare Foundation, Colorado Health Foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This partnership enabled NYSHealth to play a national leadership role in helping to develop a product based on an understanding of the needs and behaviors of all potential users. As a result, New York State has formally announced that it will use the Enroll UX prototype as the front end of its exchange.