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NYSHealth’s “Best of 2010” Annual Report

Best of 2009

In lieu of a traditional annual report, the New York State Health Foundation has identified 10 achievements in 2010 that represent the best work of the Foundation, our grantees, and our partners to improve the state of New York's health.

It is a privilege to work with so many innovative, caring organizations throughout New York State to advance the health of all New Yorkers. We are impressed with what they can accomplish and what a philanthropy like ours can help make happen.

The accomplishments included here represent not only activities supported directly through grants, but also the broader efforts that can affect health care practice and policy in New York State when organizations and individuals work collaboratively. As the Foundation matures (we will mark our five-year anniversary in 2011), efforts to inform and shape the conversation about pressing health care system issues; to replicate, spread, and sustain promising and proven approaches to improve health; and to capture and share lessons about effective strategies are paramount.

In 2010, the passage of Federal health reform offered an unprecendented opportunity to expand affordable health care coverage to millions more New Yorkers. At the same time, the imperatives to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to high-quality care and to contain health care costs have never been stronger. This larger context shaped much of NYSHealth's work in 2010--not only in the health care coverage priority area, but also in the Foundation's efforts to prevent and manage diabetes, to provide integrated services for people who cope with mental health and substance use disorders at the same time, and to respond to the unique needs of communities across New York State.

As New York State continues to implement the Federal health reform law, the Foundation remains committed to working with our partners and grantees to address timely opportunities and critical needs to improve New York's health system. Enjoy this look back at the Best of 2010; the Foundation looks forward to building on these successful efforts in 2011 and beyond.

James R. Knickman
President and CEO