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Primary Care Grantees: Success Stories

Over the last decade, hospitals and health centers have begun to work together to stay financially viable, and to maintain quality and continuity of patient care. Many hospitals are transferring the management of the ambulatory primary care clinics that feed their specialty and inpatient services to federally qualified health centers (FQHCs). FQHCs’ favorable Medicaid reimbursement rates and lower professional liability insurance costs allow them to operate more cost-effectively.

NYSHealth is committed to helping preserve the primary care safety net in New York State. In 2009, the Foundation funded several projects that either assisted hospitals and community health centers with forming partnerships that facilitated the transition of hospital outpatient clinics to the auspices of FQHCs, or brought primary care services to New York State's underserved and vulnerable populations by establishing satellite clinics associated with regional FQHCs. Please click the below links to learn more about these projects: