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NYC Health Insurance Link: Connecting New Yorkers with the Right Health Insurance

New York’s uninsured overwhelmingly belong to working families who have difficulty finding affordable coverage and confront a maze of confusing choices. NYC Health Insurance Link is a Web-based tool to help small business owners, freelancers, and other independent or unemployed workers find a health insurance plan that best fits their needs and budgets. Developed by the NYC Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access with NYSHealth support, users can search for and compare health plans, including those with low and high deductibles; those with and without particular benefits like prescription drugs; and those with open and closed provider networks. The tool provides users with a full range of comprehensive health plans available in the City from every carrier, including plans available through specialized purchasing alliances and Healthy New York products.

Mayor Bloomberg launched the tool at a press event held at a small business in Brooklyn. When basic business information (such as the number of employees to be covered, preferred benefits and other information is entered) NYC Health Insurance Link generates a list of possible health plans and provides a direct comparison of the costs and benefits of each. Users can also use a premium calculator on the Web site to vary their contribution amounts, and to determine the best premium contribution they can afford to offer their employees. For individuals, it asks basic information about household size, income, and work status to help them determine whether public health insurance may be an option, as well as to show them private health insurance plans.