New York State Health Foundation

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The Foundation’s Enhanced Communications

2008 marked a significant year for NYSHealth to broaden its communication efforts and establish its presence in New York State’s public health forum. With the launch of the NYSHealth Web site in January 2008 and the publication of its first two annual reports (2006-07 and 2007-08), the Foundation was able to showcase both its own initiatives and the innovative projects of its grantees.

Additionally, the Foundation found its voice in the media with hits from Brooklyn to Buffalo. In 2008, State and national newspapers, journals, and magazines published more than 50 feature stories about the Foundation or its grantees, and five opinion editorials and 11 letters to the editor by President and CEO James R. Knickman. NYSHealth held its first three press events, and was featured in eight broadcast media segments. Visit the NYSHealth News and Events page for a sampling of these stories.