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NYSHealth as a Convener of Stakeholders, Policymakers, and State and National Leaders

Since its inception, NYSHealth has capitalized on the expertise of New York’s health leaders by convening and moderating discussions among stakeholders, policymakers, and State and national leaders on how best to tackle public health challenges. In November 2008, NYSHealth hosted its first statewide conference, "Reforming New York's Individual Health Insurance Market," in New York City. With more than 250 attendees, the conference examined the structure of New York’s individual insurance market, presented new research by the United Hospital Fund on the implications of merging the individual, small-group, and Healthy NY markets, and contrasted reform proposals from two of the largest insurers in New York State.

With support from NYSHealth, the Rockefeller Institute hosted an April 2008 meeting between NYSHealth Coverage Consortium members, senior officials from the Executive Chamber and Departments of Health and Insurance, and other stakeholders to share preliminary findings. Also with Foundation support, the Manhattan Institute convened two public conferences focusing on market-based reforms and the United Hospital Fund has convened several briefings.

In August 2008, the Foundation held the second installment of its "A Conversation With..." series with Dr. Christina Economos, Tufts University professor, to discuss the findings of her three-year trial on childhood obesity, “Shape Up Somerville: Eat Smart. Play Hard.” The series’ format provides an intimate discussion with health experts, and features an interview with a special guest and NYSHealth President and CEO James R. Knickman.